Training Platform & Virtual Portfolio Builder for aspiring VCs

Learn the basics of the VC analyst job during a four weeks online training program and apply the frameworks & techniques learned to build your virtual investment portfolio.




The content of the program is structured around a series of more than 30 short videos (between five and ten minutes each) sent daily that are packed with information and convenient to consume.

Memo & To-Do

The program is designed to be very practical as you’ll apply the concepts explained to writing your first memo, from day one, as well as completing several concrete tasks.

Community & support

Get access to the MemoHub community on Discord where you can connect with other members, ask your questions, share your experience and participate in regular audio meetings.


Week 1

Monday What you are going to learn for four weeks
A framework & methodology to write a deal memo
Tuesday Memo framework explained: Need
Anatomy of a memo: Need
Wednesday Investment thesis: The what & the why
What you won’t learn about the VC job in this program
Thursday Memo framework explained: Market sizing
Anatomy of a memo: Market sizing
Friday Conducting Research for a memo: Theory & practical tips

Week 2

Monday Memo framework explained: Product
Anatomy of a memo: Product
Tuesday Sourcing Startups
Wednesday Differences in analysing startups at seed, series A, B, C
Thursday Memo framework explained: marketing, sales & distribution
Anatomy of a memo: marketing, sales & distribution
Friday How to create a startup landscape

Week 3

Monday Memo framework explained: Business model
Anatomy of a memo: Business model
Tuesday Thinking out of the box
Wednesday Memo framework explained: defensibility & moats
Anatomy of a memo: defensibility & thinking out of the box
Thursday The "Hot or Not" investment checklist
Friday Memo framework explained: Traction
Anatomy of a memo: Traction & vanity metrics

Week 4

Monday Anatomy of a memo: Competitive landscape
How writing a real memo differs from what we’ve done
Tuesday Memo framework explained: Team
Anatomy of a memo: Team
Wednesday A day in the life of a VC
Thursday How investment decisions are made in a VC firm
Friday Advice to enter the VC world - about your job search
Interviewing founders during an investment process


Once you've completed the program, continue to work on your craft by building your virtual startup portfolio.


Coming MemoHub Batches:

  • Four weeks training program*.
  • Support on the MemoHub Discord (chat + audio sessions to answer your questions).
  • Access to a MemoHub profile account.
  • Next batches: February and March 2020.



* The program is 100% online and can be completed even if you are currently working or studying. It requires one to two hours of work per day if you want to get the most out of it.


Hi, I’m Clément 👋, the guy running MemoHub! After seven years on the startup side, I joined the VC industry back in 2015. It’s during my four years working at Point Nine Capital that I noticed a lack of tools and training programs for people who wanted to learn the VC job. So I decided to quit my (awesome) job to create MemoHub. If you want to know more about me you can check my LinkedIn and Medium profiles. And If you have any questions about MemoHub =>

MemoHub Timeline

  • July‘19: MVP launched (V0.5)
  • August‘19 - Batch #1: Four participants
  • September‘19 - Batch #2: Twelve participants
  • October‘19: Pause to work on the V1 of the program
  • November‘19 - Batch #3: Three participants
  • December‘19 - Batch #4: Three participants