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SaaS 8 Machine Learning 4 API 4 Mobile 4 Consumer 3 Marketplace 3 Developer Tools 2 Sustainability 2 Martech 1 Genetics 1 Aquaculture 1 Euphorics Drinks 1 Voice 1

Most covered stages

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Compensate Carbon Offset Marketplace
Marketplace Sustainability Carbon Offset
Ethyca B2B Privacy Tech
SaaS API Privacy Tech Developer Tools
UP42 Build, run, and scale geospatial products
SaaS API Marketplace Geospatial Developer Tools
Machine Learning Mobile
Winnow Food waste management software
SaaS Sustainability Food Waste
Mage The rise of marketplaces for collectibles
Consumer Mobile Marketplace
ProdPerfect User Experience and Product Development tools
SaaS Machine Learning
DRAM Euphorics Drinks
CDB Euphorics Drinks
Voiceflow Lego-isation of developer tools
SaaS No Code Voice
MDacne Computer Vision applied to Acne
Consumer Mobile Health Care
Journaling Consumer Mental Health Mobile
Genomelink Consumer Genomics Startups
API Genetics
Crossbeam The rise of tools and services for the "SaaS marketplaces era"
SaaS Martech
Aquabyte Software & hardware eating the aquaculture industry
SaaS Aquaculture Machine Learning
Kernel Risk Geospatial Tech: the map is not the territory
SaaS API Machine Learning