VC firms: Make your internship & job offers stand out

The internship & job application process in VC firms is most of the time a disappointing experience for candidates who get rejected. Turn it into an opportunity thanks to sponsored MemoHub training programs.

How does it work?

  1. Decide how many MemoHub sessions you want to sponsor and give away to the applicants of your opening.
  2. Set up your branded MemoHub page describing your internship offer and explaining how candidates can receive a free MemoHub training program when they apply. See sample on the left.
  3. Add to your existing internship/job offer the link to your MemoHub branded page (we don’t replace your ATS software).
  4. Once your recruiting campaign is over, the candidates you’ve selected (based on your criteria) receive their free access to a MemoHub training program.

Value Propositions

  • Make your job openings stand out from the other VCs.
  • Turn disappointed candidates into ambassadors of your firm (especially if they later get hired by other VC firms 😉)
  • Brand the MemoHub training certificate that people receive at the end with your name and logo.

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