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Jun 02, 2019


👍To illustrate the potential of the photo & video category on mobile:

Second most popular category behind games in terms of downloads.

The Photo/Video category accounts for 2% of total mobile app revenue in 2018 (out of $47B total, so around $1B of revenue for the Photo/Video apps)


👍If you haven’t tested BG, I highly recommend it, it’s a really promising photo editing app and the product is already impressive: by just tapping elements on your picture (like the head of a person, a vehicle in the background etc.) the app automatically recognizes it and applies filters to this specific object (it kills the manual “lasso tool” à la Photoshop).

👍The underlying tech:


👍👍I’m not often writing about the team aspect on MemoHub (most of the time I don’t know the founders of the startups I’m covering), but Matthieu, the founder of BG app, is a top talent with a great “pedigree” and strong experience (he worked at Stupeflix, a video editing software, that was acquired by GoPro a couple of years ago).

Business model

🤔I think the concern that most people will raise, is about the business model and the market size. What’s interesting is that a real “indie mobile app” space exist for the photo & video category on iOS: “Around 250 app developers make more than $1M /year on the photo/video on iOS (10 on Android)”

👍In terms of business model, BG leverages in-app purchases (you pay for more filters) and people are already used to paying for that.