An Investment Memo about your Startup

Even if you’re not fundraising. For free.

During a fundraising process, it’s common that investors write what we call an investment memo which is a document summing up their analysis of a company. These documents normally stay private and founders can’t access them, which is unfortunate since it could help them understand better how investors "see" their company.

Every month I pick two startups and write an investment memo that I share and discuss with the founders. Even if you are not currently fundraising.



Important Disclaimers:

  • The memos are written solely for educational purposes (to bring more transparency to founders) and do not entail a real investment proposition.
  • If you are specifically looking to fundraise, let me know and we'll discuss this topic directly.
  • The analysis and views expressed in the memos are mine only and might not reflect what other VCs think. Each investor has its own opinion and pov.

What are the criteria to apply?

To apply you must:

  • Be the founder of a tech startup (no agency or consulting model).
  • Be at the pre-Seed, Seed stages or bootstrapped.
  • Have built at least a functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

How do you select the winners?

The winners are selected from the participants who fulfill the criteria. Depending on the number of people who apply, I'll take into consideration other factors to have as a diverse set of founders as possible.

Do I have to be currently fundraising to participate?


Are you going to spam me and send me unsolicited VC newsletters?

No, your email will only be used to keep you informed of the results.

Are you going to contact me for fundraising purposes?

No, only if you request it.

If I share my pitch deck with you, are you going to share it around?

First, sending your pitch deck is optional (only if you are selected and want to have a memo about your startup). Second, I take privacy very seriously so I won't be sharing your pitch deck to anyone. Unless you decide to (e.g: you want to enter a real fundraising process).

Which is stronger, a grizzly or a gorilla?

The grizzly.

Why do you do it for free?

  • To bring more transparency and help founders.
  • Dealflow: To meet great entrepreneurs and promising startups.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?