MemoHub for Fintech & Insurtech

You are an early-stage Fintech/Insurtech founder and you want:

  • To be challenged on your business during a one week long online program.
  • To improve your pitch deck or prepare a future fundraising.
  • But also to have fun along the way.

BlackFin is kindly sponsoring five programs 👉

“As an investment firm specialized in Fintech and Insurtech, our mission is not only to invest in promising companies but also to support the global community of founders building the future of Finance.”

Julien Creuzé - Managing Director


What are the criteria to apply?

To apply you must:

  • Be the founder of a Fintech or Insurtech company.
  • Be at the pre-Seed, Seed or Series A stage (it's 👌 if you are bootstrapped).

How do you select the winners?

The winners are selected from the participants who fulfill the criteria. Depending on the number of people who apply, I'll take into consideration other factors to have as a diverse set of founders as possible.

Do I have to be currently fundraising to participate?


Before I apply, is it possible to see what the online training program looks like?

Yes. The first two days are available for free here.

You write that it's a one week online program, but how much work do I actually need to put in?

The program is one week long and requires around 30min of your time per day. It's also totally asynchronous, there are no "live" calls or meetings to attend as we'll communicate through Google Docs comments and Whatsapp messages.

What do you mean by "A personalized feedback on your pitch deck"?

The concept of the MemoHub program is to make you write a mini investment memo about your own company. If you want to, Clement will write a mini investment memo about your company at the same time as you, so that you can compare and discuss both versions (you'll be communicating via Whatsapp).

Are you going to spam me and send me unsolicited VC newsletters?

No, your email will only be used to keep you informed of the results.

Are you going to contact me for fundraising purposes?

No, only if you are fundraising and are interested in getting in contact with us.

If I send my pitch deck, are you going to share it around?

First, sending your pitch deck is optional (only if you want to receive feedback), and second, we take privacy very seriously so we won't be sharing around any information you send to MemoHub.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?