Internships - Breakfast VC (Sample, not a real offer)

Become an intern at Breakfast VC

We’re Breakfast VC, an early morning stage Venture Capital firm, and we’re currently looking for two interns to join us as analysts in August 2020. You can learn more about the opportunity and requirements directly on our job description page.

Candidate perk: Sponsoring VC training sessions for fifteen candidates

We know that getting an internship in the VC industry is very hard as there are few open positions available. As a consequence, applying to VC firms is often a disappointing experience for candidates who get rejected.

This is why we wanted to make this experience a bit more rewarding by offering online VC training sessions to fifteen applicants, which will, hopefully, help them when applying to other VC firms.

The perk: What you can get when applying

If you’re part of the selected candidates, to thank you for applying to our internship offer you’ll get:

  • 🎓 A free online VC training program on MemoHub worth 300€.
  • 🖥 A one hour webinar with one of our investors who’ll answer all your questions about the VC industry.
  • 🍳A free breakfast delivered to your home.

How do we select the winners?

In order to be as fair as possible, we’ll be giving this perk to:

  • The five candidates who impressed us the most.
  • Five candidates from underrepresented demographics in the VC industry.
  • Five candidates selected randomly.

PS: obviously these categories are not mutually exclusive