Increase your chances of getting an internship or a first job in a VC firm


The Memohub Academy is a four weeks online training program designed for aspiring VCs during which you’ll learn the basics of the analyst job (finding and screening new companies) & build your virtual investment portfolio.

The aim is to enhance your resume and - hopefully - increase your chances when you apply to your first job or internship in a VC firm.

The program is thought for people who have no previous experience in the VC industry (students, employees, etc...) but are familiar with the startup world.



The content of the program is structured around a series of short videos - around 5 minutes daily - which are easy to digest and convenient to watch and re-watch.

Whasapp Support

You’ll receive the videos on your Whatsapp account where you’ll also be able to ask questions or share your thoughts directly with me via audio, video or text messages.


The program is designed to be very practical as you’ll apply the concepts explained in the videos to writing your first memos and filling your MemoHub profile.


Week 1

Monday What are you going to learn during four weeks?
Tuesday Investment thesis
Wednesday Methodology to write your first startup memo
Thursday How to conduct research for your memo
Friday What you won’t learn about the VC job in this program
Assignment Writing your first startup memo

Week 2

Monday Market sizing
Tuesday Sourcing startups
Wednesday Memo framework: Need
Thursday Memo framework: Product
Friday Industry Landscapes
Assignment Writing your second startup memo + market sizing

Week 3

Monday Defensibility & moats
Tuesday Memo framework: Team
Wednesday Thinking out of the box
Thursday Memo framework: Competition
Friday TBD
Assignment Writing your third startup memo + defensibility & moats

Week 4

Monday Strategies to build your virtual portfolio
Tuesday Unit economics
Wednesday How to leverage your MemoHub profile for your job search
Thursday TBD
Friday Conclusion
Assignment Writing your fourth & fifth startup memos + unit economics


Sourcing and screening startups are a craft that you need to learn and practice. MemoHub Profile is a virtual portfolio builder where you add startups by writing short company memos (showing your analytical skills). The tool automatically tracks several metrics that surface your investment thesis/scope, your favorite stages and the amount of money raised by your portfolio following your sourcing (this metric is definitely more for fun than a performance indicator).

During the Academy you'll write your first memos, and it will be up to you to continue filling your MemoHub Profile.



Early access, 0/6 spots available.
The August batch is full, please register below to be kept informed of the next one (by mid-September 2019).

  • The content of the program (videos, links...).
  • Direct support via Whatsapp during 4 weeks.
  • Immediate access to a Memohub profile account.


Waiting List

* Price applies only for the early access and first four customers

VC Firm

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